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Porting Freebloks to Android

I’m currently trying to port the Freebloks game to Android. The core of the game is actually pretty easy to convert from POSIX C to Java for Android and I’m already done migrating the client code and the model, so my app is able to establish a connection to a remote server and display the state of the game.

The display is still very simple, only meant to visualize the state of the core and there is no user interaction possible yet but I plan to port the OpenGL interface too, which does need some rewriting of the logic.

I’m working on keeping the network protocol intact so you can use play together with people using Freebloks 3D in Windows, Linux or MacOSX.

I hope to have a test version around for download, as soon as I have the server portion ported too, so one can play it without connecting over the data connection.

My oldest program

I recently got the first program to work, I can remember writing. I wrote the game in 1996 at the age of 12, on an 8-bit computer with a 10 MHz 8085 processor, that my father built a long time ago. Since it’s a custom and unique machine, the programs ran nowhere else.

There was no assembler or compiler, so I had to write the game in machine code, which wasn’t actually too hard, because the processor only has a very limited command set and even fewer were required to write the text adventure I called lambada.

In 2010 I wrote a 8085 emulator for Windows to make my old games run, which also supports the totally unique hardware of the original machine. That way I was able to run the game on a 2,4 GHz quadcore with a 64 bit Windows 7. 🙂

The game is a simple text adventure game, telling you a story which you can control by key presses. The whole game consists of only 520 bytes of machine code, that I wrote in a hex editor, and about 3kb of text for the rest of the game.

WordMix Android game in the Market

My first Android game is ready to be released in the Google Play Store (former Android Market).

The game is pretty simple and very similar to Toss Words, Spill and Spell, Perquackey or the German games Letra-Mix and Wörter Würfeln.

In the game you get a set of random letters and you have to arrange them in a limited time to valid words. The words are checked against a database of valid words using available spell checkers. After the first update, the game comes with support for English, German, Romanian, Spanish and French, both the dictionary and the localization of the user interface.

Get the game fresh from the Store, while it’s still hot: 🙂