Nokia’s idea of the user’s privacy


“You count
Nokia takes privacy serious. We collect information about your phone and it’s usage, to improve our products and their content.”

Nokia is just one of many, who are actually not taking user privacy serious. In above picture, taken from one of the new Nokia Lumina Windows phones, the two sentences even are an obvious contradiction to me.

Sure, Nokia values my privacy. That’s why they take it away from me. But don’t I worry, they only use it for their own purposes and promise to not give it away. I think,if I told that to a stranger and took his money, wouldn’t I be called a thief?

It is obvious that they do not value my privacy but their data, leaving the people stripped naked and helpless.

It is sick that the people, who create the privacy data, are not in control and actually do not own what is originally their’s. And why should we trust a company, being more interested in their profit than in me being able to protect my privacy?

Privacy begins in my toilet, and it should end there!

Not in a profit orientated multi million dollar compary.