Porting Freebloks to Android

I’m currently trying to port the Freebloks game to Android. The core of the game is actually pretty easy to convert from POSIX C to Java for Android and I’m already done migrating the client code and the model, so my app is able to establish a connection to a remote server and display the state of the game.

The display is still very simple, only meant to visualize the state of the core and there is no user interaction possible yet but I plan to port the OpenGL interface too, which does need some rewriting of the logic.

I’m working on keeping the network protocol intact so you can use play together with people using Freebloks 3D in Windows, Linux or MacOSX.

I hope to have a test version around for download, as soon as I have the server portion ported too, so one can play it without connecting over the data connection.