Space is a 3D space shooter I created in the time between July 2001 and July 2002. The game is simple: evil comets are driving towards the earth, you have to use your space ship and blast them to pieces, before they hit and destroy your planet. During the game you have to upgrade your weapons and collect various items to stand a chance, but make sure you don’t accidentally hit your planet. There are 5 levels (Earth, Mars, …).

The minimum requirement for the game is a 166 MHz computer, DirectX 7.0, Windows 95 and a sound card.


Space has a multiplayer mode, in which allies can fight together against the comets. There is no master server, so if you want to play over Internet, you have to know the IP address of your friends.

Space is freeware. Have fun!


Game and intro

Please read the README.TXT file in the ZIP archive. It contains important information about the game.

Space is copyright (c) by Sascha Hlusiak, 2002.

Development and History

I started programming on Space in June 2001, at the age of 17. It was my first 3D game, so I had to learn a lot while doing but I’m still proud of the result. The models and videos were created using 3D Studio Max.

I guess, mostly proud I am of the algorithms of the AA rockets to find it’s way to the closest object or the laster gun to fire a hole through space. The math behind this was all new to me, because we had that topic at school when I was already done creating the game.

The source code of the game may be available on request.