Chicken Tournament

a 3D ego shooter for Windows, I wrote alone in 13 month, using C++ and DirectX-7.

There is version for Android!


A skinmaker for Winamp, Audacious any other media player using the legacy Winamp 2.x skin format.

ISATAP Client for Linux

A daemon for Linux to set up an ISATAP (client) tunnel for IPv6 transition. Also available as Android app.

WordMix for Android

A word anagram game for Android using OpenGL. Available in Google Play Store.

Freebloks 3D (PC)

Blokus clone with nice OpenGL 3D graphics for Linux and Windows. Source Code available on GitHub. An Android version is being developed.


Freebloks 3D (Android)

Android version of Freebloks 3D. Source Code available on GitHub. Available in Google Play Store.


Joystick input module for Xorg Server that lets you control the cursor.

About me

Welcome to my personal homepage. I’m a software developer and this is a way to present me, my software and other projects I’m working on.

All offered downloads are free, without warranties and a reference for me. Source code is also available, sometimes on request.

More information on ongoing projects can be found in my blog.