Battle Race 2

Battle Race 2 is the continuation of Battle Race. It is very similar, but with much better graphics, support for music via Sound Blaster, more tracks, cars and weapons. A normal race is now between 8 cars and a battle game can be played against up to 30 opponents.

Battle Race 2 is a car racing game for old MS DOS systems. Win races to buy better cars and to advance to the next planet! You can shoot or plant mines on the track to stall your enemies, which gives you the change to advance and win the round. But be careful, the enemies are not sleeping! Each win gives you money to spend on new cars or more shooting power.

There are 15 planets with 9 tracks each and 15 different cars to buy. Each car has one of three different mines and one of three different shot types (normal, fast, tracking). The better mines transform into shots if closely passed by an enemy car. Your car is originally equipped with one mine and one shot, but during the game can be upgraded to carry 9 mines and 9 shots.

You can play single or as two players on the same computer, both using the keyboard. Race against 6 or 7 computer enemies. For extra fun, there is a “last man standing” battle game mode, which you can win if you stay alive with being hit at most 4 times. In battle mode you can play against up to 31 computer enemies. You can save and resume your last games any time.


Warning, this game was created in 1999 for MS DOS, when computers were significantly slower. If you have troubles running Battle Race 2 on a modern computer, try using the DOSBox emulator.

Standalone ZIP Archive

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Battle Race 2 is copyright (c) by Sascha Hlusiak, 1999.