Total Commander extensions

The Total Commander is a great alternative to the Windows Explorer. While creating the intro video for Chicken Tournament, I wrote two plugins to enhance the file manager with the ability to pack and unpack AVI video files. Please read the dedicated Readme files in the archives on how to install the plugins. On recent versions of the Total Commander, the plugins should be installed automatically when entering the zip archive.


Version 1.8

Dive into AVI video files and extract single frames as bitmap files or get to the audio stream in wave form. This lets you easily create screenshots of a movie.

You can also re-encode the whole video into a different codec by extracting the video file itself, which will then ask for a new encoding.

The plugin was most useful to be for encoding a series of bitmap files and a wave file into a single AVI video file with audio. The bitmap series were rendered by 3dsmax and just concatted; no need for special cutting software.

Please not that the plugin uses the ancient Video for Windows (VfW) API, which is long deprecated and codec support is decreaseing. Make sure you have some VfW-Codecs installed, like those from the ffdshow codec pack!

If you are on 64 bit windows and use the 64 bit version of the plugin: welcome in the Windows Codec Hell.


version 1.3

This plugin lets you dive into gif animations to extract single frames as well as pack a series of frames(gif, bmp, png or jpg) to a single animated gif file. You may also add or remove frames from existing gif animations.

This Plugin is based on CxImage; thanks to the respective authors.